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June 11, 2016
Rabbi Elliot J. Cosgrove


As I woke up this past Tuesday to the news in Israel, I was reminded of the rabbinic legend explaining the origins of Rosh Hodesh, the Jewish observance of a new month. Tuesday was Rosh Hodesh, the first day of the Hebrew month of Sivan, and Lesley Sachs, the Executive Director of Women of the...

June 04, 2016
Rabbi Elliot J. Cosgrove


Of all the unexpected bedfellows of biblical verse, perhaps the most surprising is the close proximity between the commandment to “love your neighbor,” and the obligation to “rebuke your kinsman.” In a small cluster of verses at the heart of what is called “the Holiness Code,”...

May 21, 2016
Rabbi Elliot J. Cosgrove


In May 1916, exactly one hundred years ago this month, Theodore Roosevelt delivered a speech on the subject of being an American:

I stand for straight Americanism unconditioned and unqualified, and I stand against every form of hyphenated Americanism. I do not speak of the hyphen when it is...