PAS to Hold First Ever Inclusion Service on Shavuot

Sun | Jun 9 | 11:00 am–12:00 pm | Ramaz Upper School (60 E 78th St)
With Rabbi Zuckerman, Rabbi Savenor, Cantor Brook, and Josh Rosenberg

We are excited for the launch of our PAS Inclusion Service on the first day of Shavuot, Sunday, June 9 and we look forward to celebrating together our people’s receiving the Torah! Our Inclusion Service, modeled after the successful Shireinu services at Congregation Rodeph Sholom, invites everyone to participate in a warm and accepting environment for all individuals and families.

Our Shavuot celebration is designed to be accessible and respectful and to accommodate a wide variety of needs and sensitivities. The service is musical and interactive and open to the entire community, members and nonmembers; all ages are welcome. We will sing, play instruments, read from the Torah, hear a Shavuot story, decorate our own Torah, eat cheesecake (and a variety of other tasty and healthy snacks), and share our joy for the holiday!


Accessibility Resources

The service will take place in a quiet room and will include American Sign Language interpretation and a visual schedule. If you have attended any of the Shireinu services at Congregation Rodeph Sholom, you will find we have followed a very similar format, and we will continue to do so for future services to create a comfortable structure for everyone.

We have prepared a “social story”  for anyone who would like to become familiar with the Inclusion Service experience in advance. The social story is a clear and easy outline of what to anticipate during the service. The words and pictures provide concrete information and help create accurate expectations. The social story may help you talk about the upcoming experience and what it might look, sound, or feel like. Parents and care takers may find it particularly effective to read through the story multiple times with your child(ren), giving them time to absorb the words and pictures and the space to talk about any part of it. During the service we will also display a visual outline that will match up to this social story, helping increase a sense of familiarity and reduce anxiety about the unknown. If you have any questions about the social story, please feel free to contact Cantor Rachel Brook.

The room where our service will take place is accessible by elevator. The elevator is just to the right of the front steps.

Songs of Our Service

All the prayers and songs we will sing at the service are available online! After a welcome message from Rabbi Neil, Rabbi Charlie, Cantor Rachel, and Josh, you’ll hear all the songs and prayers from our service, including songs for Shavuot! Special thanks to Josh for helping to prepare these recordings and the social story.

We look forward to celebrating with you on Shavuot and on many more occasions!