Purim 5779 at PAS

Get your costume ready and grab your grogger for Purim at PAS!

Please note: PAS registration forms are currently down for maintenance as we prepare to transition our database systems. We expect to reopen all forms on Monday, March 4. In the interim, please contact the PAS main office at (212) 369-2600 or office@pasyn.org for assistance. Thank you for your patience!

Send in Your Photos for Megillah U!

This year's Spiel will feature photos of PAS members of all ages showing off their school colors. Send us photos of wee ones in PASECC “Rainbow Time” t-shirts, kids in school sports uniforms, teens in high school t-shirts, family members in college sweatshirts, or Grandpa in his letter sweater. Please provide photos in the largest file size possible, and send them to Cantor Brook at music@pasyn.org in a message with the subject line “Purim Spiel – School Colors.”

Purim Schedule

Sunday | March 17

11:00 am | Purim Service for Families with Young Children | PAS@87th
With singing, scenes from the Purim Spiel, and Megillah reading. Wear your costume!

11:30 am | Quiet Purim Carnival | PAS@90th
For those who may need a quieter and less stimulating environment.
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12:00 pm | Purim Carnival | PAS@90th
More merriment at a midday Purim celebration for all young merrymakers accompanied by an adult. Costumes encouraged for all.
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Teens can volunteer to set up, run booths, paint faces, and more. Sign up with this form or contact Niki Fleishman for more information!

Ta’anit Esther

Wednesday | March 20

5:38 am | Fast begins
7:15 am | Morning minyan will include Torah reading for a public fast day. | Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center
7:48 pm | Fast ends

Erev Purim

Wednesday | March 20

5:45 pm | Evening service | Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center

6:00 pm | Congregational School & Youth Pizza Party | PAS@90th
Get a head start on Purim!
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7:00 pm | Purim Spiel: Megillah U! | PAS@87th
Esther is going to college, and you can join her at Megillah U! Wear your school garb (or any other costume you like).

8:00 pm | Megillah | PAS@87th


Thursday | March 21

7:15 am | Morning services with Torah reading for Purim and Megillah | PAS@89th

12:00 pm | Purim Se'udah
| Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center
Purim fun for grown-ups. Celebrate with a light meal, silly songs, ridiculous rhymes, and Purim Torah from the PAS clergy.
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