Purim 5778 at PAS

Mishloah Manot

Monday, February 26 – Wednesday, February 28

One mitzvah of Purim is to send gifts of food to others. The tradition suggests giving to two different people, with each gift including at least two different kinds of food. Tikkun Olam invites you to fulfill this mitzvah!
RSVP by Friday, February 16

Ta’anit Esther

Wednesday | February 28

5:10 am | Fast begins
7:15 am | Morning minyan will include Torah reading for a public fast day.
6:16 pm | Fast ends

Erev Purim

Wednesday | February 28

5:45 pm | Evening service

6:00 pm | Pre-Purim Party | PAS@87th
For all PAS Youth in Grades 3-8
Get a head start on Purim! Eat ice cream and make a grogger to drown out Haman's name.

7:00 pm | Purim Spiel: A Wonderfully Wicked Purim | PAS@87th
Follow the yellow brick road to victory with Esther.

7:00 pm | 20s/30s Megillah Reading & Purim Party! | The Parlour, 250 W 86 St.
Join the PAS 20s & 30s along with Reshet Ramah, USY Alumni, and other groups across town for a Megillah reading followed by an open bar.
RSVP to ewitkovsky@pasyn.org

8:00 pm | Megillah | PAS@87th
Don’t miss the chance to be silly in synagogue! Come in costume as your favorite denizen of Oz . . . a character from the Megillah . . . a character in the Torah . . . a character in Jewish history . . . any character . . . or as yourself, wearing a flamboyant hat, an outrageous tie, a cape, or a crown. Bring money to put in our giant community tzedakah box for matanot l’evyonim, Purim gifts to the poor.


Thursday | March 1

7:15 am | Morning services with Torah reading for Purim and Megillah all over again

12:00 pm | Purim Se'udah
| PAS@87th
Purim fun for grown-ups. Celebrate with a light meal, silly songs, ridiculous rhymes, and Purim Torah from the Pasyner Rebbe.

Sunday | March 4

11:00 am | Purim Service for Families with Young Children
| PAS@87th
With singing, scenes from the Purim Spiel, and Megillah reading. Wear your costume!

11:30 am | Quiet Purim Carnival | PAS@87th
For children who need a quieter and less stimulating environment.

12:00 pm
| Purim Carnival | PAS@87th
More merriment at a midday Purim celebration for all young merrymakers accompanied by an adult.
Buy tickets online and avoid standing in line.

Teens can volunteer to set up, run booths, paint faces, and more.  Fill out the form to sign up!