Please visit this page for information about the move to our temporary home at 4 E. 90th Street and to find out where PAS events and programs are being held. This page will be updated regularly.

Why has PAS moved to a temporary home?

The move to temporary quarters is the next phase in a multi-year project to expand and revitalize Park Avenue Synagogue’s physical space. Already in 2012, Park Avenue Synagogue appeared to be short on space, but it wasn’t clear whether there was truly a space shortage or just a logistics issue. A Space Needs Committee was formed to study the question, and architects conducted a comprehensive space analysis.

The analysis concluded that we were 10 to 12,000 square feet short of space, and that it wasn’t just a High Holidays problem. PAS members were using our building more often year-round, and we were bursting at the seams. To allow for learning, worship, and social activities, we needed more space, and we needed it to be flexible. In addition, the analysis noted that the aging physical infrastructure of the 87th Street building did not reflect the vibrant and welcoming culture of PAS, nor was it technologically up to date.

After reviewing the architects’ report and considering their proposed solutions, the Space Needs Committee recommended that PAS acquire a second building and renovate our beloved 87th Street building, creating a unified campus with one vision. Working with a premier non-profit consulting firm, the Board determined that the community would be willing and able to support a capital campaign to raise the necessary funds. PAS subsequently acquired the school building at 11 E. 89th Street which has now been refurbished and dedicated as our Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center. With the new building in operation, we are continuing according to plan with the renovation of the 87th Street building.

To accomplish the renovation most efficiently, cost effectively, and appropriately during the shortest period of time possible, PAS rented the school at 4 E. 90th Street, which has become the temporary home for staff, clergy, and the PASECC during the anticipated period of construction, which started in late-April 2018 and will continue through fall 2019.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Transition at PAS

General Information
Lifecycle Events 
Bnei Mitzvah

Congregational School 

General Information

What buildings are included in the PAS Campus?
From spring 2018 through fall 2019, the Park Avenue Synagogue campus will include three primary locations:

  • • The Sanctuary (50 E. 87th Street) is the location for Shabbat and holiday services and for large programs. Please check the worship section of this page for summer service locations.
  • • The Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center (11 E. 89th Street) houses the Congregational School, Young Family Education, and Youth Engagement staff and is the site for programs, classes, and committee meetings.
  • 90th Street (4 E. 90th Street) houses the clergy, administrative staff, adult learning, the music department, the PAS library, and the PASECC, and is also a site for programs and classes.

How can I find out where programs and worship are taking place?
Locations will be announced in our weekly This Week at PAS email, departmental emails, the Shabbat Shalom handout, and on this website. The receptionists at the Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center and 90th Street can also direct you to the location of worship and programs.

When did PAS offices and programs move to 90th Street?
Staff offices and programs moved to 90th Street the week of April 23, 2018. The PASECC moved to 90th Street at the end of the 2017-2018 school year in late May.

When will the renovation at 87th Street be completed?
We expect the renovation will be finished in fall 2019.

What is Park Avenue Synagogue’s mailing address?
If sending via USPS, the mailing address will continue to be 50 E. 87th Street, New York, NY 10128.

If you are sending via UPS, FedEx, or courier service, please send to 11 East 89th Street, New York, NY 10128.

How do I contact PAS staff?
PAS staff can be reached at their current email addresses and phone numbers.

Will our temporary space be wheelchair accessible?
Yes, 90th Street is accessible. To enter the building without going down stairs, use the entrance of the Church of the Heavenly Rest on 5th Avenue between 89th and 90th Streets. Security personnel at the church will direct you to the elevator to our building, which is behind the church.

Will there be security at 90th Street?
Yes, we will maintain the same security standards for our facilities.

Where will the library be?
Our temporary home at 90th Street includes a lovely library space on the ground floor. The library will close at 4 E. 90th Street in mid-June and will reopen in the fall at 87th Street.

What will 87th Street look like after the renovation?
View renderings of our future revitalized 87th Street home.



Where does daily minyan take place?
Daily minyan takes place in the second floor chapel at the Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center.

Where will Shabbat services take place?
As we move to different locations, Shabbat at PAS will continue to be a weekly haven of worship, learning, music, and friendship. Here’s where we’ll be for Shabbat worship this year:

Through June 15, 2019:
Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday evenings at 6:15 pm will take place in the Sanctuary at 87th Street.
• On Saturday mornings, the 7:30 am Hashkamah Minyan and 9:00 am Shaharit and Parashat HaShavua will meet at the Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center.
Shabbat morning services at 9:45 am will be in the Sanctuary.
Shabbat Minha will take place in the library at 90th Street after kiddush.

Beginning June 21, 2019:
Daily Minyan will continue to take place at the Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center.
Kabbalat Shabbat Services will take place in the gym at 4 E. 90th Street beginning on Friday, June 21. For an accessible entrance, enter via the Church of the Heavenly Rest on Fifth Avenue between 89th and 90th Streets. A light Oneg Shabbat will follow services.
Shabbat Morning Services will take place in Darlington Hall at 2 E. 90th Street beginning on Saturday, June 22. For an accessible entrance, enter via the Church of the Heavenly Rest on Fifth Avenue between 89th and 90th Streets. A light kiddush will follow services.

Where will Kiddush take place?
The Community Kiddush will take place at 90th Street. Enter by going up the steps at 2 E. 90th Street. Should you be unable to use the stairs, a greeter will direct you to the main entrance of the Church of the Heavenly Rest entrance on 5th Avenue.

Will the Sanctuary have bathrooms?
Yes, the Sanctuary will have nearby bathrooms during the period of construction. To allow for construction of the renovated first floor at 87th Street, temporary Sanctuary bathrooms will be located outside the building beginning on April 15.

Will services continue to be livestreamed during the transition?
We will livestream Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat morning services from the Sanctuary. View the livestream.


Lifecycle Events

How do I arrange holding a bris or baby naming at PAS?
PAS is happy to provide ceremony space for member simchas! We have two spaces available for a bris or baby naming. The chapel at the Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center can hold up to 75 people; the sanctuary at 87th Street can fit over 1000 people. For further information on how to book a bris or baby naming, please visit the lifecycle page of our website.

Can I arrange to have a private Shabbat dinner, reception, or Kiddush for my simcha at PAS?
Unfortunately, not at this time. During the construction at 87th Street, we have limited space and are not able to accommodate private events. We hope to have space available soon.

Can I rent space for a meeting/program/event at PAS?
Unfortunately, not at this time. During the transition period our space is very limited, and we are not able to rent our space.

Bnei Mitzvah

How will we enter the sanctuary during construction? Will it be handicap accessible?
The sanctuary entrance will be on 87th Street, between Madison and Park Avenue. Security guards will be positioned there, and there will be a handicap accessible ramp at the stairs.

During Construction, will there be bathroom access?

Yes. There will be restrooms that are wheelchair accessible.

During construction, where will congregational Kiddush be? How many people does it hold?
Labor Day until Shabbat of last Bnei Mitzvah: Services in Sanctuary; Kiddush in Darlington Hall (most weeks – may be some exceptions for holidays/small services). We expect Darlington Hall can hold over 200 people.

If there are two bnei mitzvah, and each family wants to sponsor something, can we split the cost?
No. Each sponsorship fee underwrites a portion of the total cost, so each family would pay the full sponsorship fee listed. The sponsorship form is available online at

If nobody sponsors Kiddush/flowers/music, will there be any?
Answer: Yes. We always will have flowers on the bimah, band music for morning services, and congregational Kiddush after morning service, even if no one sponsors them.

Will I be acknowledged for my sponsorship(s) in the Shabbat Shalom pamphlet?
The sponsorship acknowledgement in the Shabbat Shalom pamphlet will say sponsorship is in honor of the bar/bat mitzvah child. It will not list sponsor’s names per our policy to only list the honorees.

Can I choose the flowers or have another decorative display on the bimah?
No. Our policy is to have consistent floral arrangements and decorations for all families, so will not be able to accommodate specific requests for flowers or other decorative displays.

We have buses taking our family and friends to our child’s bar/bat mitzvah celebration. Where can they park?
Buses cannot be parked next to/in front of the synagogue. They can park further up Madison on 88th Street.



Where do we park strollers at the Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center and 90th Street?
At the Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center, strollers can be parked for most programs in the back classroom on the first floor. At 90th Street, strollers can be parked outside the entrance before going down the steps to the front doors. Park Avenue Synagogue is not responsible for lost or stolen items.