After a year and a half in our temporary home, Park Avenue Synagogue is preparing to move back into 50 E. 87th Street. Thank you to the community for their patience and cooperation during this multi-year project to expand and revitalize Park Avenue Synagogue’s physical space.

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Please visit this page for information about the move back to 50 E. 87th Street and to find out where PAS events and programs are being held. This page will be updated regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Transition at PAS

General Information
Lifecycle Events 

General Information

What buildings are included in the PAS Campus?

  • 87th Street (50 E. 87th Street) houses the Sanctuary, Clergy, Administration, Adult Education, the Music Center, the PAS Llibrary, Youth Programming and Engagement, and the PASECC, and is also a site for programs, classes, and committee meetings.
  • • The Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center (11 E. 89th Street) houses the Congregational School and Young Family Education staff and is a site for programs, classes, and committee meetings.

When will 87th Street reopen to members?
Shabbat! Come to the Santuary for Kabbalat Shabbat this Friday, September 6 and Shabbat morning services on Saturday, September 7.

The 87th Street building is still an active construction site. Although staff have relocated to the 87th Street building, we are asking members to be patient and wait until the construction has finished before coming to visit. We will send an email to the community when we are open for visitors.

How can I find out where programs and worship are taking place?
Locations will be announced in our weekly This Week at PAS email, departmental emails, the Shabbat Shalom handout, and on the website calendar. The receptionists at the Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center and 87th Street can also direct you to the location of worship and programs.

What is Park Avenue Synagogue’s mailing address?
If sending via USPS, the mailing address will continue to be 50 E. 87th Street, New York, NY 10128.

If you are sending via UPS, FedEx, or courier service, please send to 11 East 89th Street, New York, NY 10128.

How do I contact PAS staff?
PAS staff can be reached at their current email addresses and phone numbers.

I would like to drop something off for a staff member. What is the best way to do that?
Please go to 11 East 89th Street (the Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center) to drop something off for staff and leave it at reception.

I would like to pay my bill in person. Can I do that this week?
Please drop off a check to 11 East 89th Street at the reception desk.

Where is the library?
 The library will reopen in the fall at 87th Street.



Where does daily minyan take place?
Daily minyan takes place in the second floor chapel at the Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center.

Where will Shabbat services take place?
As we move to different locations, Shabbat at PAS will continue to be a weekly haven of worship, learning, music, and friendship. Here’s where we’ll be for Shabbat worship this year:

Beginning September 6, 2019:
Kabbalat Shabbat Services will take place in the Sanctuary at 50 E. 87th Street.
Shabbat Morning Services will take place in the Sanctuary at 50 E. 87th Street beginning on Saturday, September 7. Kiddush will follow services and take place in Darlington Hall at 2 E. 90th Street until further notice.

Will services continue to be livestreamed during the transition?
Livestreaming will resume when we return to the Sanctuary on Friday, September 6.


Lifecycle Events

How do I arrange holding a bris or baby naming at PAS?
PAS is happy to provide ceremony space for member simchas! The chapel at the Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center can hold up to 75 people and can be used for a bris or baby naming. The Sanctuary can be used for more than 75 people. Unfortunately, We are not able to accommodate private receptions for a bris/baby naming until January 2020. For further information on how to book a bris or baby naming, please visit the lifecycle page of our website.

Can I arrange to have a private Shabbat dinner, reception, or Kiddush for my simcha at PAS?
Beginning in January 2020, we will accommodate private receptions, dinners and Kiddushes in our Lower Level Ballrooms. Please contract Steven Shapiro, Catering Operations Manager, to inquire about space availability.

Can I rent space for a meeting/program/event at PAS?
Unfortunately, not at this time. We are not able to accommodate outside organizations or private events until 2020.

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