A Siddur for Youth

The PAS Music Center proudly announces the next volume in the Family Siddur Project: the Siddur for Youth. This is the fourth volume in the series, following the Ki Eshmerah Shabbat family siddur (2012), the Mahzor for Young Children (2017), and last year’s Mahzor for Youth (2018). Generously sponsored by Patricia Braun Silvers and David Silvers, this prayer book is targeted especially to youth and grownups to use at Shabbat services, at the family table, and in prayerful moments at home, as well as to visit the sounds of the synagogue any day of the year. Worshippers of all ages will enjoy the selection of prayers, the inclusive translations, transliterations, and inspiring illustrations.

This new siddur will be used regularly in the Congregational School during weekday and Shabbat services, and we invite members of all ages to pick up copies over the high holidays. The colorful and thought-provoking pages of this book not only illustrate the words of the prayers and their meaning, but also the structure of the service and its choreography. In addition, all of the accompanying music is available for download and streaming. The musical selections include contemporary compositions commissioned recently by the PAS Music Center, as well as familiar melodies closely identified with Shabbat. These melodies will help children learn the prayers, find meaning in the text, and become comfortable with the full range of Jewish music.

Remember to pick up your copy at High Holiday services. For additional copies, please contact Stacey Hankins at shankins@pasyn.org or x115.

For nonmembers and for bulk orders, purchase copies of the Siddur as well as the Mahzor for Young Families and Mahzor for Youth from the Family Siddur Project.