Purim Spiel: Megillah U! Esther Goes to College

Wed | Mar 20 | 7:00 pm | 87th Street
Purim is a time to let our silly selves shine. It is a great source of pride to PAS that the Purim Spiel is our largest intergenerational event held all year. "Multi-generational" describes the audience, and it also describes the performers and the crew.  This year, Esther is going to college, and you can join her at Megillah U!

The Spiel will feature photos of PAS members of all ages showing off their school colors. Any age student, any school, any year. Send us photos of wee ones in PASECC “Rainbow Time” t-shirts, kids in school sports uniforms, teens in high school t-shirts, family members in college sweatshirts, or Grandpa in his letter sweater. Please provide photos in the largest file size possible, and send them to music@pasyn.org in a message with the subject line "Purim Spiel – School Colors" by Wednesday, March 13.

Please contact Cantor Rachel Brook at rbrook@pasyn.org for questions about the Spiel.