Mahzor for Youth Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

This Mahַzor for Youth: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, is designed especially for you to use on your own and to share with adults. Whether you are at services, at your family table, or in a prayerful moment alone, we hope that this prayer book can accompany you on your Jewish journey for years to come. We believe in the power and meaning of sharing a prayer book containing the rich, diverse and timeless liturgy of our people. Prayer is a multi-sensory experience. The pages of this book not only show the words of the prayers and what they mean, but also the structure of the service and its choreography. In addition, you can enjoy listening to the accompanying music available for download. The musical selections include contemporary compositions commissioned recently by the PAS Music Center, as well as familiar melodies closely identified with the High Holy Days.

The contemporary writings in this mahַzor are designed to enhance the meaning of the prayers within these pages as well as help you think about the role of these prayers, and prayer in general, in your own lives. Our hope is that as you grow and change throughout the years, you will grow in your appreciation and understanding of the
liturgy, music, art and thoughts expressed within this prayer book. We hope you enjoy praying with this mahַzor as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you! We look forward to many years of meaningful High Holy Days together.

This publication has been made possible through the generosity of