Havdalah (2019)

Live from Jerusalem, a Celebration of Traditions from the Jewish Diaspora


We are excited to share with you our new album, Havdalah – Live from Jerusalem, a Celebration of Traditions from the Jewish Diaspora. You can download the music for free and watch videos of the concert. Copies of the album notes will be on your seats at Kol Nidrei.

For an introduction to Havdalah before you hear the music, read Rabbi Cosgrove's message from the album notes:

"When three stars appear in the night sky on Saturday night, our families gather to mark the end of Shabbat with the beautiful ritual of Havdalah using candlelight, spices, and wine. Havdalah, meaning 'distinction,' alerts us to the divide and the link between Shabbat and the workweek, between light and dark, between the Jewish community and our common humanity, and between the holy and profane. Havdalah is both a blessing and challenge. How shall we take the commitment and ideals of Shabbat into the rest of the week? How shall we leverage the blessings of Jewish Peoplehood toward all people? How shall we make our profane world a little more holy?

In December 2018, the historic Park Avenue Synagogue Congregational Trip to Israel culminated with over 450 congregants celebrating Havdalah together in the holy city of Jerusalem. This album captures that magical moment, when our cantors brought our Jewish musical heritage to life through settings representing the unity and diversity of the world Jewish community.

May we be inspired to bring the blessings of this moment into our very bright communal future."

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