Cantorial Recordings

From generation to generation we celebrate our past and invest in the future through music. The Park Avenue Synagogue Music Center is proud to continue the synagogue’s long tradition of commissioning liturgical works by inviting accomplished composers to write for our services. Most of the pieces on these albums were composed in recent years. Our worship evolves with new liturgical settings that accommodate the musical sensibilities of our generation. From innovative instrumentations to a novel pace, from using Sephardi expressions to singing prayers in English, we build on our heritage and draw meaning from it.
The rich liturgical music featured in our services offers people of all ages and tastes different ways to engage in prayer as part of a vibrant and dynamic community. We are grateful to our community, to our talented and dedicated staff, and to the gifted musicians who partner in the sacred mission of writing the score for us and for future generations. We hope you will enjoy the melodies on these albums and sing along, so that our music will resonate within the walls of our synagogue and beyond.