P'tach Libi, Open My Heart


It is our great pleasure to present this recording to the Park Avenue Synagogue community. With the selections here, as at every service, Cantor Lissek uses music to give new life to our liturgy, bridging generations and opening our hearts for prayer. We hope you will enjoy this recording and also come to PAS regularly for services, concerts and other musical programs, where you will be able to hear Cantor Shira Lissek’s beautiful voice live.

Cantor Azi Schwartz

- - -

At the end of the Amidah, during our private meditations, we pray, P’tach libi b’toratekha u-v’mitzvotekha tirdof nafshi, “Open my heart to your wisdom, so my soul will pursue your ways. The music of our liturgy can lift our souls, enabling us to pray or enhancing and deepening our prayers. In choosing the musical settings for this recording, I turned to the compositions that bring ancient texts to life in contemporary idiom, settings that have inspired our tefillah at Park Avenue Synagogue this year.

We hope that these arrangements will also inspire you, and open your
heart and soul.

Cantor Shira Lissek

- - -

This recording was created through the generosity of Dr. James Goldman in loving memory of Mary Goldman, zikhronah livrakhah, may her memory continue to be for a blessing.