Music at PAS




The High Holy Days
The Days of Repentance
The Days of Awe

These are the most sacred days of the Jewish year. The prayers and melodies of this holy season are some of the most profound, hallowed, and revered in all of Jewish liturgy.

Within this collection of prayers,
You will find sounds comforting and challenging.
You will find harmonies familiar and new.
You will find tradition, history, innovation, and inspiration.
You will find the sounds of the holiest days of the year.

You will find the timbre, the feeling of AWE

Colin Fowler
Music Director
Park Avenue Synagogue
Released September 15, 2017


Our new Mahzor for Young Families - Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is now available to stream and download online. A physical copy of the Mahzor is available in the music room.