PAS Gallery Opening Reception: Joseph Bau: A Man of His Time and Beyond

Joseph Bau recorded the human experience for more than seven decades: in stark, black and white images of the Holocaust; in colorful oils created throughout his life in Israel, and in art of the Hebrew letters. As a 20-year-old prisoner, Joseph Bau saved his life by creating maps and documents for his Nazi captors. At the same time, he fabricated documents, papers and passports that helped many others escape the Nazi regime. Bau worked closely with Oskar Schindler; the wedding in Stephen Spielberg's Schindler's List was based on the wedding of Bau and his bride, Rebecca Tannenbaum. Beginning in 1950, Bau documented the experience of the early years of the State of Israel in art and in film. Called the “Disney of Israel,” Joseph Bau created classic early animation and titles for many of Israel's early films. His iconic advertising logos are recognized decades later.

Hadasa Bau and Clila Bau-Cohen, daughters of Joseph Bau, will be at the opening to answer questions about their father's work and his legacy.

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