Keep Your College Student Connected with PAS

When Park Avenue Synagogue students head to college campuses across the country, they do not leave the PAS community. We want to stay in touch with our students throughout the year so they feel connected to the community even while they are at school. To accomplish this, we need your help.

During the school year, our clergy keeps in touch via monthly emails with words of wisdom, holiday messages, and even a joke or two! The College Connections Committee sends care packages for some of the holidays. Students are also invited to participate in conversations with Rabbi Witkovsky as well as to attend social gatherings during vacations.

To include your student(s) in this program, please submit their college addresses using this form. Please give us the information as early as possible so students can receive their High Holiday packages!

PLEASE NOTE: We update our list every school year. Please fill out the form again even if a student has been included in the past and even if a student’s address has not changed.

If you are interested in volunteering to create the holiday packages or in more information about college connections, please email Niki Fleishman at

We wish your students a successful school year!

Robin Kaplan and Andrea Schnipper
College Connections Co-chairs