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A Once-in-a-Generation Moment, A Generation Ago
Dedication of Milton Steinberg House
September 19, 1954

Sixty-three years ago, Jewish education was the focus during the dedication ceremonies for the Milton Steinberg House – constructed for the “educational, cultural and social activities of the congregation” and as a memorial to Rabbi Steinberg, who passed away in March 1950.

Rabbi Simon Noveck spoke at the dedication about lighting the eternal flame in the newly constructed chapel. “It will be not merely the flame of learning and of faith, but it will be the flame of the immortality of influence of Milton Steinberg . . .”

The Honorable Robert F. Wagner, Mayor of the City of New York, said in his remarks, "How fitting in the year 1954 with the world torn by dissention and facing unprecedented problems, we in America here in the of City of New York can continue to devote ourselves to education and culture . . . to withstand the attack that is being made among democracy, spirituality and liberty the world over."

A highlight of the dedication was the unveiling of the façade of the Milton Steinberg House, featuring the unique five-story stained glass curtain wall designed by the abstract expressionist artist Adolph Gottlieb, who addressed members of the community at a lecture following the dedication.

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posted June, 2017