Congratulations!  Mazal tov on your forthcoming marriage!

This is an exciting time in your lives. We are delighted that you are considering Park Avenue Synagogue, an egalitarian Conservative congregation, as a location for your milestone occasion. Your wedding is both a religious ceremony and a celebration. We are eager to help you make it the day of your dreams. The information here answers questions couples commonly have as they begin planning.

For additional information regarding the wedding ceremony, please consult a member of our Clergy. Call the Rabbis’ Office at 212-369-2600, x120.

For questions pertaining to logistics, including rooms, catering, flowers, and photography, please contact our Office and Events Coordinator at 212-369-2600 or

Who May Be Married At Park Avenue Synagogue?

To be married at Park Avenue Synagogue, both partners must be Jewish. If either partner has previously been married to a Jew, and the marriage ended in divorce, the partner must present proof that the marriage was ended with a get, a Jewish divorce, as well as with a civil divorce. If you have not yet given or received a get for a previous marriage, one of our rabbis can help you with that process.

When May The Wedding Take Place?

A Jewish wedding may not take place on Shabbat (from an hour before sundown on Friday until an hour after sundown on Saturday) or on a major Jewish holiday (same restriction). Weddings may not take place during the Three Weeks before Tisha b’Av, the Ninth of Av, which usually falls in late July or early August. There are restrictions on when a wedding may take place during the seven weeks known as Sefirah, between Passover and Shavuot. If you have any question about whether a wedding is permissible on the date you have in mind, consult with one of the rabbis.

Where Will The Wedding Take Place?

Wedding ceremonies may take place either in the Sanctuary or in the Appleman Chapel. Weddings to which more than 100 guests have been invited must be held in the Sanctuary. You may use the Park Avenue Synagogue huppah, wedding canopy, or you may bring in a huppah. If your huppah will require any setting up, please make arrangements with the PAS Events Coordinator.

Who Will Officiate?

A member of the PAS clergy may serve as m’sader(et) kedushin, the officiant, at your wedding, or you may have another rabbi or cantor officiate or co-officiate. Visiting clergy must be invited by the PAS clergy; this arrangement should be made well in advance of the wedding. If you would like a non-PAS rabbi or cantor to participate in your ceremony, please have that person email the Senior Rabbi of PAS indicating that s/he has been asked to officiate at your wedding. The Senior Rabbi will then extend an invitation to your rabbi and/or cantor.


Music for the ceremony should be appropriate for a Jewish religious occasion. Our cantors are available to consult with you on choices of musical style (Hasidic/Israeli/classical) and arrangements. There is an organ in both the Sanctuary and the Appleman Chapel; a keyboard may be set up in either place. If you wish to have other instrumentalists, you must arrange for their participation with one of the cantors.


Pictures of the ceremony, whether still photos or video, must be taken in a tasteful manner that does not compromise the dignity of the ceremony. The synagogue has a sophisticated built-in video system which you may wish to use. Whether you use the PAS video system or not, please work out arrangements for your photographer(s) with the Events Coordinator.

Facilities for the Bride and Groom

There is a Bride’s Room on the lower level and a Bride’s Suite, with dressing room and lavatory, on the third floor with easy access to both the Sanctuary and the Chapel. There is a Groom’s Room on the lower level, also with dressing room and lavatory. Any of these rooms may be used for Yichud, the time that the newly married couple spend together immediately after the ceremony.

Reception and Catering

There is an elegant ballroom on the lower level of the synagogue building. Our exclusive caterer, Newman & Leventhal Caterers, Inc., will be happy to work with you on menu, table decor and other aspects of your party. Contact the caterer at 212-427-7912 or 212-362-9400. Note that a catering contract confirms your reservation of the reception room, but does not confirm your wedding date at Park Avenue Synagogue. The date and time of your wedding ceremony can be confirmed only through the Events Coordinator in the Synagogue Office.


An Aufruf is an aliyah to the Torah for the betrothed couple at a Shabbat service prior to the wedding. Many families mark the occasion by sponsoring the congregational Kiddush after the service. If you would like to have an Aufruf at Park Avenue Synagogue, please contact the rabbis’ office to make arrangements for the aliyah. If you would like to host the Shabbat morning Kiddush, please contact the Events Coordinator.

Sanctity of Shabbat (Saturday Evening Weddings)

Until the end of Shabbat (one hour after the time of candle lighting the evening before), there is no photography, music, cooking, smoking or use of cell phones or other electronic devices permitted inside or in front of the synagogue building.

All deliveries, including food, flowers, and band equipment, must enter the building through the delivery entrance and go directly to the lower level. Setup of tables, chairs, and band equipment may begin before the end of Shabbat only inside the reception room on the lower level.

Photography may also take place inside the lower level reception room before the end of Shabbat, but under no circumstances in the Sanctuary, the Chapel, or any of the synagogue’s public spaces, upstairs, downstairs, or outside the building.


There are different fee levels for members of Park Avenue Synagogue and for non-members, and there are different charges for using the Sanctuary and for using the Chapel. Please contact the Office and Events Coordinator for more information.

Booking A Wedding Date

Call the Office and Events Coordinator at 212-369-2600, x105 to make an appointment. A deposit will be required to reserve your date. (The balance of the wedding fee is due one month prior to the ceremony.) Again, please note that a catering contract does not confirm your wedding date at Park Avenue Synagogue. The date and time of your wedding ceremony can be confirmed only through the Synagogue Office.

After You’ve Reserved The Date

If a PAS rabbi is officiating at your wedding, you will meet with him several times before your date. Contact the rabbis’ office before your date to make an appointment.

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For Additional Information
Once again, a hearty Mazal Tov! Our Events Coordintor is available to assist you. Call at 212-369-2600 or email