Vicki K. Wimpfheimer Mitzvah Day 2017 Accomplishments

On Sunday, November 19, the PAS community came out in force for Vicki K. Wimpfheimer Mitzvah Day 2017. Co-chairs Jamie Bahar, Kim Molstre, and Blair Klaff had worked for months in advance with the Arms and Committees organizing projects to benefit members of the Jewish community here in New York City and in Israel. Congregants of all ages worked together completing projects that will now enrich the lives of over 2,200 individuals and families in need. Below are the sum of our accomplishments:

• $420 dollars collected from the Tzedekah Box
• 60 packages for Project Ezra
• 75 Hanukkah bags for Blue Card
• 11 boxes of books for Reading Reflections
• 500 Thanksgiving bags packed for PAS Food Pantry
• 144 toiletry packages for Jewish board Women’s shelter
• 60 Lone Soldiers packages
• 100 Hanukkah bags for Self Help
• 400 packages for NY Common Pantry Project Dignity
• 600 sandwiches for Coalition for the Homeless
• 18 blood donors
• 115 literacy bags for Jewish Board
• 60 birthday packages for Dorot
• 100 toys for children at Memorial Sloan Kettering
• Over 400 toys for Jewish Board recipients

And 100’s of PAS members engaged in Tikkun Olam!