Tikkun Olam


The Tikkun Olam Committee sponsors programs and projects that help the most vulnerable members of the community by promoting social justice and "repairing the world." As the central address for tzedek initiatives in the synagogue, the Tikkun Olam Committee coordinates the social action projects of all the departments, arms, and committees in order to maximize the effectiveness of our activities. Tikkun Olam organizes hands-on projects, like Mitzvah of the Month, that give members of the congregation opportunities to assist people and institutions in our neighborhood, in the wider metropolitan area, in Israel and throughout the world. The committee also works with our schools and the adult education department to integrate action with learning about the practice of social justice and righteous giving as Jewish values.

We encourage you to volunteer for one or more of our activities throughout the year, and set an example for all members of our community. For more information or to join the Tikkun Olam Committee, please contact tikkunolam@pasyn.org.

Past Projects

Project Prom
Once again, PAS will partner with Central Synagogue and Temple Emanu-el for Project Prom in Spring 2018.  We are collecting evening dresses, shoes, purses, jewelry and sealed cosmetics in the PAS Lobby from January 8-February 2, 2018.  The two-day event provides a "boutique" shopping experience for low-income high school girls for their prom - dressed, shoes and accessories. If you would like to join the Project Prom committee, please email Vanessa Aronson or Carrie Schwarz at tikkunolam@pasyn.org.

Volunteer to Facilitate Online Classes for Homebound Seniors
Assist Selfhelp in enabling the elderly to live independently and with dignity. Using video chat technology, homebound seniors attend online classes in which they can see, hear and communicate with the facilitator and other participants. These interactive classes can feature discussion, entertainment, an activity like gentle exercise. Topics include history, art or music appreciation, travel, health/wellness, debates, archeology, comparative religion, legal issues, and hobbies. There are flexible scheduling options that include short-term and ongoing classes during the day, evening, or weekend. For more information on becoming a volunteer facilitator, please contact Carmella Chessen at 646-259-4987 or cchessen@selfhelp.net.