A Once-in-a-Generation Event
Park Avenue Synagogue
Sunday, December 8 | 3:30 pm

Join our community in rededicating ourselves to eight Jewish values:

Tikkun Olam
Music and Art
Lifelong Learning

We invite you to participate in ongoing PAS programming and flagship events throughout the fall, and engage in activities on your own, to deepen your connection to each value and symbolically earn a candle, as Hanukkah is a time for rededication. Collect your candles along with a Shamash at the Rededication Celebration on Sunday, December 8. Light these commemorative candles in your home on the last night of Hanukkah, reflecting on the warmth of our community’s embrace and the bonds that have built our wonderful new campus, lighting the way to our future.


Repair the World/Tikkun Olam

Enhancing the world through acts of kindness helps us to build a better future for all.

With PAS

Flagship Event
Vicki K. Wimpfheimer Mitzvah Day, November 24

On Your Own



Remembering our past, both our triumphs and tragedies, is important and serves as a call to action for shaping our future.

With PAS

Flagship Event
Kristallnacht Commemoration, November 9

On Your Own


Peoplehood/Klal Yisrael

Appreciating that we are part of a worldwide Jewish community affirms our responsibility to all Jews and to the multiple narratives of our story.

With PAS

On Your Own



Engaging in prayer and worship spiritually connects us to God, community, and tradition, enabling us to express our hopes and dreams.

With PAS

Flagship Event
Shabbat Services, December 6-7

On Your Own

Say the Sh’ma with your children at bedtime

  • • Explore the translations of prayers in Siddur Lev Shalem

  • Hang a mezuzah in your home

  • • Read The Sabbath by Abraham Joshua Heschel


Music and Art/Tarbut

Expressing our souls through Jewish music and art creates intergenerational connections, enhances our experiences, and inspires our futures.

With PAS

Flagship Event
Concert: Lift Every Voice, November 19

On Your Own


Lifelong Learning/Limmud

Engaging in lifelong learning enriches our Jewish experience, adds meaning to our lives, and enables us to impact the world more profoundly.

With PAS

Flagship Event
Book Fair, December 3-4

On Your Own



Connecting to Israel encourages us to appreciate our historic homeland and vibrant future.

With PAS

On Your Own



Building community strengthens our interpersonal connections and sustains our reciprocal obligations to support each other.

With PAS

On Your Own

  • • Invite someone to your home for Shabbat dinner

  • • Sit next to someone new at a service or event

  • Make a shiva call

  • • Take a walk with a friend after Shabbat services

  • • Join a new committee or group

  • • Invite a fellow congregant you’d like to know better to join you at a service or program

  • • Celebrate something Jewish with a friend