Preparing for Our Temporary Campus During Construction

As our Congregational School students and Melton adult learners settle into our new Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center, we turn our focus to the next step in our transformative space project. Phase Two will include a comprehensive revitalization and reconfiguration of the classrooms, offices, and special event spaces in our 87th Street building. We are working now to finalize the plans and prepare for the dust and details associated with such a large construction project.

As we announced last spring, to accomplish Phase Two most efficiently and cost-effectively, we are renting the school building adjacent to our Lifelong Learning Center at 4 East 90th Street as a temporary home for our staff, clergy, and Early Childhood Center during construction, from April 2018 through August 2019. Together with our new Lifelong Learning Center, this temporary space, which includes classrooms, offices, a gymnasium, library, and rooftop play space, will be the ideal setting for PAS programs and activities to continue while the 87th Street renovation proceeds.

Beryl Chernov and Liz Offenbach are working closely with our project manager and Space Committee to prepare the temporary space for PAS use. Their staff transition team, made up of representatives from each department, meets regularly to ensure a smooth transition to our temporary campus.

As Art Penn said at the Annual Meeting last May, this short-term displacement shortens the overall time of construction and disruption while maintaining our original target completion date. Our goal remains to complete this project in a fiscally responsible manner while maintaining the integrity of our community. Like the ancient Israelites in their temporary dwellings, we will be sustained by the continued spiritual and programmatic vitality of our community until we arrive at our much-anticipated “Promised Land.”

During the renovation of 87th Street, our Sanctuary will remain open for worship services. We will host our weekly community Shabbat Kiddush at 90th Street.

To summarize the anticipated construction timeline:

• April/May 2018: Clergy/Staff move to 90th Street; 87th Street site prep begins
• May 3, 2018: PAS Gala – last community event at 87th Street before construction
• June 2018: ECC moves to 90th Street; 87th Street construction begins
• September 2018: Lower Level High Holiday services at offsite UES location
• August 2019: Clergy/Staff/ECC move back to 87th Street
• Fall 2019: Dedication of completed campus

We thank you again for your incredible support in helping us achieve this once-in-a-generation transformation for our community. We appreciate your patience and understanding during the period ahead and will continue to update you with more details over the coming months.

If you have any questions about the temporary campus, please contact Liz Offenbach at or 212-369-4900, x142.