Hanukkah 5779

Celebrate Hanukkah with learning, activities for children, and the company of friends. Click here to see a video showing how to light the Hanukkah candles and to download a sheet with the blessings. 

Sunday | December 2
4:00 pm | Grade 3-8 Family Hanukkah Party | PAS@89th 
Light first Hanukkah candle  ı ı ı ı Í ı ı ı í
Scroll down and click on the PDF for a ready-to-print page with words to the blessings and songs, with transliteration.

Monday | December 3
Light second Hanukkah candle  ı ı ı ı Í ı ı í í
7:00 pm | 20s &30s Hanukkah Party, together with other groups in NYC | Social Bar & Lounge, 795 8th Avenue

Tuesday | December 4
Light third Hanukkah candle  ı ı ı ı Í ı í í í

Wednesday | December 5
Light fourth Hanukkah candle ı ı ı ı Í í í í í
6:00 PM | Teen Hanukkah Party | Offsite

Thursday | December 6
12:00 pm | Lunchtime Learning Hanukkah Edition: What is Hanukkah? | Rabbi Salston | PAS@89th
Light fifth Hanukkah candle  ı ı ı í Í í í í í

Friday | December 7
Light sixth Hanukkah candle ı ı í í Í í í í í
Light Hanukkah candles before Shabbat candles (4:10 pm)
5:00 pm | Service for Shabbat Hanukkah and Pizza Dinner for Families with Young Children | PAS@90th
6:15 pm | Kabbalat Shabbat & Honoring PAS Membership Anniversaries | PAS@87th

Saturday | December 8
9:45 am | Shabbat Morning Service with Hallel
Light seventh Hanukkah candle  ı í í í Í í í í í
Light Hanukkah candles after Shabbat has ended (5:10 pm)

Sunday | December 9
10:00 am | Morning Service with Hallel, Torah Reading, and a Bar Mitzvah | PAS@87th
11:00 am | Young Family Hanukkah Extravaganza | Darlington Hall, 2 East 90th Street
Light eighth Hanukkah candle  í í í í Í í í í í

From Monday, December 3 through Monday, December 10, weekday shaharit (morning) services will include Hallel and Torah reading for Hanukkah.

On Monday through Thursday, December 3–6, there will be candle lighting in the lobby of 89th Street immediately after evening minyan.