Interfaith Committee

PAS is a Jewish community that welcomes all.

A number of our member families include one or more members of the household who are of a faith other than Jewish. The PAS Interfaith Committee aims to serve as a resource for those families. We are a forum for discussing and responding to the ritual, educational and social support needs and challenges of interfaith families—both those of our members and those in the wider community. In addition, we will assist in providing a path to Judaism for those who seek conversion.

The goal of the Interfaith Committee is to (1) address the ritual, educational and social support needs of interfaith families who already are affiliated with PAS, and to provide a welcoming environment for potential new members, (2) provide educational and social support for couples who are in committed relationships who are wrestling with challenges that arise because of their different faith backgrounds, and (3) provide appropriate paths to conversion for individuals who choose to pursue such a path. Currently, we are looking at our educational offerings, “best practices” in the field, developing membership information, and examining our internal and external communications strategies.

For more information about the work of the committee please contact Rabbi Neil Zuckerman at or 212-369-2600, x121.