PAS Families Volunteer at Met Council Before Rosh Hashanah

Some PAS families started off the year by following instructions from the prophet Isaiah! In the haftarah for Yom Kippur morning, Isaiah urges us to take care of the hungry in our community. On Sunday, September 22, PAS families did that by packing and delivering groceries and Rosh Hashanah packages at Met Council of NY’s Senior Residence Home. Met Council is the voice of the Jewish poor in NYC and the first line of defense for the vulnerable in our community.

Everyone had a great time doing acts of kindness. Two young members of PAS were happy to share their experience.

“Last Sunday, my family, along with other PAS families, volunteered at the Met Council packing and delivering food and Rosh Hashanah packages to elderly residents living in senior subsidized housing. The Met Council is a non-profit organization in New York city whose main goal is to provide for the older and poorer Jewish New York City residents. We put together packages of produce, protein, and canned and packaged goods and delivered them directly to the residents. This experience was meaningful because unlike many food packing volunteer opportunities, we actually got to give the food to the people in need of it and see how appreciative they were. This experience made me, along with many others feel fulfilled knowing that I could have a positive impact on the lives of others.”  
— Daniel Levey

"This past Sunday, I along with many other teen members and their families volunteered at Met Council to pack and distribute food to the elderly. I felt that it was important to take part in this because I know that I made a difference by providing the elderly with a meal to eat on the High Holidays. I am proud to be a member of Park Avenue Synagogue because we are a community that likes to give back to others who are less fortunate. I know I can rely on my community to support me whether it is having the congregation listen to me as I chant Torah on my Bat Mitzvah or being stopped on the street by my friends from PAS to say “hello” or “Shabbat Shalom.” I believe that volunteer work like this is important because we can give back to other people while having a good time and banding together as a community."
— Halle Chasen