PAS Teens/Youth

PAS Youth provides classes, experiential learning, and social events for children and teenagers in 3rd-12th grade. Programs for 3rd-5th graders and for 6th-8th graders focus on building relationships with PAS peers, having fun and learning in informal settings, encouraging kids to feel both comfortable and excited about being in the synagogue environment and part of the PAS community as they reach their Bnei Mitzvah.

Eighth grade is a bridge year, as students move from the world of middle school into the Rabbi Judah Nadich High School (RJNHS). PAS students in grades 8-12 socialize, travel, participate in groups and classes at RJNHS and create their own Jewish community. The Teen Leadership Council shares in planning what projects and classes RJNHS will offer.

Park Avenue Synagogue offers age-appropriate experiential programming for teens and their families. Through fun and informal activities, PAS Teens socialize, perform gemilut hasidim (acts of loving kindness), and strengthen ties to our synagogue and the broader Jewish community. All 8th–12th graders from PAS member families are welcome to attend all activities!

Please explore the tabs to the left to see the happenings of the RJNHS and the Youth Programs throughout the 2018-2019 school year. 

Our Director of Youth Engagement, Niki Fleishman, works closely with Rabbi Ethan Witkovsky and Rabbi Charlie Savenor on engaging our PAS teens. 

For more information contact Niki at or 212-369-2600, x147, or set up a time to "Nosh" with Niki!

"Nosh" with Niki

Niki invites you out for an ice cream, froyo, a cupcake or a drink of choice. Please take her up on it! If you would like to set up a time for yourself or volunteer a teen in your life to meet Niki please contact her at