Weeklong Scholar in Residence Begins

Weeklong Scholar-in-Residence at PAS
Shalom Orzach, Senior Educator at the iCenter
November 5-11, 2018

This November, we welcome our second-annual Weeklong Scholar-in-Residence, Shalom Orzach. Throughout his time in residence with us, he will be teaching congregants of all ages on the theme of Israel: Looking Good at 70!
Reflecting on seventy years of sovereignty and independence, we will revisit the dreams of both early and contemporary Zionists and review the extent that our realities live up to and give expression to these hopes. We will study the multiple perspectives, the Shivim Panim, and further enhance our relationship with the miracle called Israel.

Mr. Orzach is a senior educator for the iCenter, the national hub and catalyst for building, shaping, and supporting the field of Israel education. He has also served as the AVI CHAI Project Director and Director of Education in the Shlichut and Israel Fellows unit for the Jewish Agency.

In addition to his sessions, Shalom will lead training sessions for our educators and clergy. We are excited to welcome Mr. Orzach and for his teaching that will help the entire community celebrate the miraculous 70 years of Israel!


Mon | Nov 5
YFE, ECC and YCG Parents Learning Session | Where Does Israel Live in Your Home? | 7:00 pm | PAS@89th | RSVP 

Tue | Nov 6
Contemporary Jewish Thought | Timely Issues and Timeless Values | 11:30 am | PAS@89th
CS Grades 5-6 | Faces of Israel | 4:00 pm | PAS@89th
10th and 11th Grade Scholar Circle | Ancient Land, Modern State, Many Opportunities and Issues - In with the Old and the New | 6:30 pm | PAS@89th
Adult Learning | And You Think American Elections Are Confusing? | 7:00 pm | PAS@89th | RSVP 

Wed | Nov 7
Midtown Lunch and Learn | Renew Our Days of Old: A Tour of Tel Aviv, the New Old City | 12:30 pm | RSVP
CS Grades 5-6 | Faces of Israel | 4:00 pm | PAS@90th
7th Grade Learning | Becoming a Fully-Fledged Member of the Family | 5:00 pm | PAS@90th
Teen Session 8-9th Graders | Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It | 6:00 pm | PAS@89th
Teen Session Senior Seminar | How Do We Use Jewish Values to Build a Better Society? | 7:00 pm | PAS@89th

Fri | Nov 9
Shabbat Dinner | At 70, Can I Now Be Taken Seriously? | 7:30 pm | Darlington Hall, 2 E. 90th St | $ RSVP 

Sat | Nov 10
Window on Israel | Being a Citizen of the Jewish World in the Modern Era | 9:00 am | PAS@89th
Post Kiddush Learning | Toldot: Generating the Next Generation - What Must We Remember to Remain a People | 12:30 pm | PAS@89th
Parent/Teen Study | What Might It Mean to Be "One of the People"? | 3:30 pm | Offsite

Sun | Nov 11
Adult Learning | What Will the Next 70 Years Bring? | 9:45 am | PAS@89th | RSVP