A Parent Reflects on the ECC

The PASECC strives to provide a program that is developmentally appropriate for every child. The program offers many opportunities for play and active exploration within a clearly defined, challenging, non-competitive and nurturing environment. The primary goal is to facilitate, strengthen and encourage the social, emotional, intellectual, physical and Jewish life of the young child. Children learn about their Jewish identity and, through this learning, they take pride in being Jewish. The program teaches the whole child by providing activities that emphasize a broad range of development from literacy and language to math and science to motor skill development and movement.

I feel so fortunate that my children went to the ECC. From the moment they began school there, they were each greeted with warmth, made to feel comfortable, and encouraged to take risks. The teachers are well trained, patient, and inspiring. My kids could not be more different and yet for each of them it seemed as though the curriculum was designed specifically for them. The lessons encouraged the children to think creatively and learn through experience. The ECC understands that all children learn differently and looks for ways to meet each child where he or she is. The ECC helped establish routines so that once my kids entered kindergarten, they understood what it meant to go to school and to be a part of a larger community. They were able to meet the demands of a longer day and were well prepared to be active participants in the classroom.

It was really important to our family that in addition to being prepared academically our children gain a strong foundation for Jewish life and values. The ECC incorporated core Jewish values and customs into the curriculum in a natural and age-appropriate way. I love that my kids will spontaneously wrap their arms around each other and sing hinei mah tov and that they can recite the prayers at our Shabbat dinner table.

The ECC is a very special place. Even though we are no longer a part of the school, we have many fond memories as well as lifelong friendships from that period of our children's lives.

– Marissa Zackowitz

The admission process is now open to children born on June 30, 2017 or before. Applications for PAS members are open as of August 1, 2018. Non-members may apply but, their applications will not be reviewed until September 4 . All applications are due by Friday, October 19, 2018.

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