Vision and Mission



The Park Avenue Synagogue Congregational School is dedicated to positive and engaging Jewish education to inspire lifelong participation in the Jewish community for all our K-12 learners and their families. In partnership with our families and with the synagogue community as a whole, the School provides meaningful learning through both formal and experiential education.



Based on the precepts of Torah (study), Avodah (worship) and Gemilut Hasidim (acts of loving kindness), we aim for our learners and their families – now and in the future – to make the following commitments:

Know Judaism. Each learner will have knowledge of Shabbat, Jewish holidays, Torah, rituals, life cycle events, history, Israel, menschlichkeit, prayer and prayerbook Hebrew.

Do Jewish rituals, acts and behaviors. Each learner will be able to make Jewish choices in their daily lives and will engage as full participants in the Jewish tradition.

Believe in Jewish values, and engage in a relationship with God.

Belong to the Jewish community in an active and participatory way.