Important Policies

Regular attendance is the basis of a successful learning and community experience. We know that the Congregational School and our families have a mutual commitment to providing the finest Jewish education possible within the framework of a supplementary school.

If your child will be absent, either for weekday class or our Shabbat Experience program, please notify us.

At times, there are situations when a learner cannot fully participate in the PAS Congregational School program. These learners must have tutoring to compensate for the lost hours of the program. This tutoring must take place with a synagogue-provided tutor under the supervision of the Congregational School administration, with periodic check-ins with the Congregational School administration. The cost of this tutoring will be the responsibility of the family and will be in addition to PAS Congregational School tuition fees.

The Park Avenue Synagogue Congregational School strives to be a nut-sensitive community. We order and serve kosher foods without nuts as an ingredient. We do not guarantee that all machinery used to produce foods we order will be nut-free. Those affected by this allergy should bring their own snacks and each family should take personal responsibility for advocating for the safety of their children by checking to make sure the staff is aware of and responsive to individual circumstances. If a learner has a severe nut allergy, the school will send a note to the families of the other learners in that class communicating that there is a learner in their child’s class with a severe nut-allergy.

Because of kashrut and our nut-sensitive community, it is our policy that apart from snacks for allergic children, no outside food be brought into the Congregational School.

Cell Phones
Children are not permitted to use cell phones or other personal electronics during class. Phones are available Monday–Thursday in the Congregational School office for children who need to call parents. You may always contact your child by calling the school office. Please do not call or text children when they are in class.

In keeping with the spirit of Shabbat, cell phones are prohibited during the Shabbat Experience.

Dress Code
While in the synagogue building, boys must wear a kippah, and girls are encouraged to wear one. Kippot are available in the school office. Your child is encouraged to keep his/her kippah with him/her or to bring a special kippah.