Congregational School Parents Association (CSPA)

The Congregational School Parents Association (CSPA)

The CSPA is dedicated to enriching the educational experience of our children and to promoting a spirit of community for CS families. The CSPA supports the Congregational School by sponsoring and organizing and volunteering at school events and by offering a communications channel between the school and Congregational School families. Through programs and communications, the CSPA engages and supports CS parents and fosters a vibrant and welcoming school community. Above all, the CSPA encourages children and their families to develop a love and knowledge of Judaism while forging a lifelong connection to synagogue life and the broader Jewish community.

The CSPA invites all CS families to be active in our organization. Annual dues are $50 per family, which will appear on your invoice as part of the tuition billing process.

Please contact one of us at any time to learn about the many opportunities to participate!

Adena Conway (CSPA Co-Chair)
Susan Winthrop (CSPA Co-Chair)