Fall 2018


A Shalom Hartman Institute Lecture and Study Series
iEngage: Tribes of Israel
Sun | Oct 28; Dec 9; Jan 13; Feb 24; Apr 7; May 19 | 10:00–11:30 am | PAS@89th
Rabbi Neil Zuckerman
This six session course will examine the interplay between “tribes” of modern Israeli society, the paradoxes of Israel’s public spheres, and the effort to create both a Jewish and democratic state.

Cost: $54/members; $72/general includes materials and bagel breakfast
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Hebrew Aleph

Mon | Oct 15, 22, 29; Nov 5, 12, 19, 26; Dec 3, 10, 17; Jan 7 | 6:00 - 7:30 pm | PAS@89th
This class is for students who want to learn to speak, understand, read, and write modern Hebrew. You'll converse from the first lesson. Knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet is not required.

Classes are contingent on registration. Each class has a minimum registration of 6 students.

Cost: $400/members; $450/general, plus materials as needed
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Hebrew Aleph Plus

Mon | Oct 15, 22, 29; Nov 5, 12, 19, 26; Dec 3, 10, 17; Jan 7 | 7:30 - 9:00 pm | PAS@89th
This class is for students who can read Hebrew print and cursive letters, but can’t understand what they are reading.

Classes are contingent on registration. Each class has a minimum registration of 6 students.

Cost: $400/members; $450/general, plus materials as needed
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Parashah & Pizza

Mon | Oct 22; Nov 12; Dec 10 | 7:00 pm, pizza; 7:15 - 8:15 pm, study | PAS@89th
Enjoy a slice of pizza and then learn about the Torah portion. On October 22, Shayna Golkow, Rabbinic Intern, will teach. On November 12, Rabbi Witkovsky will teach.

Cost: Free
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Essential Essays

Tue | Weekly from Oct 9 through May 28 | approx. 8:00 am, immediately after morning minyan | PAS@89th
Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove

Join in a discussion of Jewish philosophy, theology and thought. The essay is distributed via a weekly email; if you wish to be added to the distribution list, please contact or 212-369-2600, x120.
No registration necessary.

Contemporary Jewish Thought

Tue | Weekly from Oct 9 through May 28 | 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Rabbi Neil Zuckerman |
Each week, explore a reading about contemporary Jewish experience and thought.  
No registration necessary.

Pathways to Judaism: A Program of Introduction to Judaism

Tue | 18 Sessions; Begins Dec 4 | 6:30 pm | PAS@89th
Rabbi Neil Zuckerman and Shayna Golkow, Rabbinical Intern
Students will be introduced to Jewish thought, history, and practice; engaging the mind, heart, and soul. This enriching curriculum is for anyone who seeks deeper knowledge of Jewish life and wisdom, whether you are Jewish, are sharing your life with a Jew and/or raising Jewish children, or are considering conversion to Judaism?

If you are interested in signing up for this class, please email Rabbi Zuckerman at or call 212.369.4900, x121.



Midtown Lunch and Learn

Wed | Oct 24, 31; Nov 14, 21 | 12:30-1:30 pm
Rabbi Witkovsky and Rabbi Zuckerman
Study of the weekly Torah portion has always been a central part of Jewish life and learning. Join us to explore and discuss the weekly portion, its themes, and its lessons for our lives.
Cost: Free/members; $36/general
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The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning: Year 2

Wed | begins Oct 17 | 7:00-9:15 pm | PAS@89th
Rabbi Shmuel Afek and Rabbi Ethan Witkovsky

In Ethics of Jewish Living, students learn how Jewish teachings shed light on contemporary issues such as the environment, interpersonal relationships, end-of-life decisions and stem-cell research. Crossroads of Jewish History merges the concepts of history and memory in order to better understand how each has shaped Judaism.
Prerequisite: Completion of Melton Year 1.

Melton Graduate: Bereshit I - From Adam to Abraham: The First 20 Generations

Wed | beginning Oct 17 | 7:00 – 8:15 pm | PAS@89th
Rabbi Charles Savenor

This course offers a fresh and fascinating examination of Israeli society since the birth of the State in 1948. Participants encounter an Israeli society that is original, contemporary, honest and proud. Reflections of the mythic Israel are matched by poetry and prose that is challenging and self-critical, and both offer profound insight into the Israeli national psyche.
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Melton Graduate: Rambam II – Letter about Techiyat HaMeitim (Resurrection)

Wed | beginning Oct 10 | 6:45 – 7:45 pm | PAS@89th
Rabbi Shmuel Afek

This class will follow up on last year’s class about the great medieval sage Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, also known as Rambam or Maimonides. We will study the letter Rambam wrote about his belief in t’hiyat ha-meitim (resurrection) in the original and as it is explained in David Hartman’s book Crisis and Leadership: Epistles of Maimonides. This course will take up many of the themes from last year and provide a deeper understanding into Rambam’s religious philosophy. Rabbi Afek will teach a pre-course class on Wednesday, October 10, as an introduction for new students and as a refresher for those who participated last year.
This class is full, please email to be added to the wait list.



The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning: Year 1

Thu | beginning Oct 18 | 9:15-11:30 | PAS@89th
Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove and Debbie Cosgrove

Learn what we as Jews believe and why in Purposes of Jewish Living. Examine the ideas, beliefs and lifecycle and holiday practices involved in living Jewishly in Rhythms of Jewish Living.
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From Mill Street to Park Avenue: The History of the Synagogues of New York City

Thu | beginning Oct 18 | 9:15-10:45 am | PAS@89th
Dr. David Kaufman

In commemoration of the 135th anniversary of Park Avenue Synagogue, this course will trace the history of the synagogues of New York, thus honoring Park Avenue’s place in our communal history. The synagogues of New York will be seen in the multiple contexts of: the greater development of the synagogue throughout Jewish history, the early modern and modern European synagogue, the American synagogue beyond NYC, as well as in the context of ‘Jewish architecture’ beyond the synagogue. With the use of slide images, we will trace the history of the New York synagogue through several stages, culminating with our own landmark synagogue on 87th St.
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Melton Graduate Course: Vayikra (Leviticus) – A Call to Holiness

Thu | beginning Oct 18 | 9:15-10:30 am | PAS@89th
Rabbi Neil Zuckerman
Chosen by the Rabbinic sages as the first book to initiate children to Bible learning, contemporary readers often perceived Vayikra as inaccessible. Yet, embedded in the laws that focus on the prescribed sacrificial practices, laws of ritual impurity and purity, and the pursuit of holiness are messages and values that have relevance to the universal condition. In our study of Vayikra, we will examine themes including the role of rituals, responding to tragedy, confronting birth and parenthood, seeking forgiveness, balancing the place of the individual and the community, bringing sanctity into one’s daily life, and more. Through a textual study of selected passages, this course uncovers the depth and wisdom of the third book of the Torah and reveals its enduring messages that touch our lives to this very day.
This class has reached capacity. Please email to be added to the wait list.


Lunchtime Learning

First Thursday of the Month | 12:00–12:45 pm | PAS clergy and staff | PAS@89th
Third Thursday of the Month | 12:00–12:45 pm | DOROT facilitators | PAS@89th

Our Sages said, make Torah study a regular practice. Do as they said, and learn about a wide range of ancient and contemporary topics that can all be considered “Torah.” Come once month, twice a month, or whenever you can.
No registration necessary.

Insights from Israel

Thu | beginning Sep 13 | 12:00–1:00 pm | PAS@89th
Rabbi Michael Graetz (via Skype from Israel)

On second Thursday of the month, we explore the most pressing issues affecting Israel, meeting with Rabbi Graetz and his guests via video conferencing at PAS@89th. A co-founder of the Masorti (Conservative) movement in Israel, Rabbi Graetz is and was guest scholar and interim rabbi at PAS in 2008-09.
No registration necessary.


Talmud Torah

Fri | beginning Oct 5 | approx. 8:00 am, immediately after morning minyan | PAS@89th
Rabbi Ethan Witkovsky 
We will read through passages of the Talmud page by page to explore the world of the Rabbis, their methodology, and how they shape us today.
No registration necessary. 

Women in the Bible

Fri | Oct 26, Nov 16, Jan 11, Feb 8, Mar 8, Apr 12 | 9:15–10:15 am | PAS@89th
Debbie Cosgrove
Learn the fascinating stories of the women in the Bible. Through engaging texts, we will study the lives of the familiar and not-so-familiar women who populate the biblical narrative.
Cost: $36/members; $46/general
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Shaharit and Parashah Study

Shabbat/Saturdays | ongoing | 9:00 am
Join in a full and traditional P’sukei D’zimrah and Shaharit and an engaging study of the morning’s Torah portion.
No registration necessary.