Adult Education

The Sherr Department of Adult Learning at Park Avenue Synagogue invites you to experience Judaism in a new way. Over the course of the year, you can take a multi-session course or single classes, or come to the annual Shabbaton or one of the Shabbat Dinner Series programs. Our clergy, teachers, and guest speakers are dedicated to helping you develop and strengthen your relationship to Judaism. There are classes at all levels of learning. Come and learn!

Telling Israel's Story

“To be a free people in our own land” – The Jewish people prayed and worked towards this goal for nearly 2,000 years. Through triumphs and tragedies, the very idea of self-determination was the hope that animated our people’s lives and motivated them to imagine a future in their own national homeland.

Seventy years ago, our dream was actualized with the creation of the modern State of Israel. Along with statehood came the reality of internal politics and external threats. Not a decade has passed without the threat of war and terrorism, yet Israel has endured and has transcended challenges and has become a prosperous, innovative nation.

In 2018, PAS will focus on telling Israel’s story: how it came to be, the blessings and complications of the ingathering of Jews from the four corners of the globe; the challenges associated with military victories in 1967; the impact of constant security threats; the ongoing quest for peace with neighbors; and the struggle to preserve Israel as a democratic, pluralistic state.

As American Jews, this is not just the story of a Jewish national state: it’s our story to tell as well in our own voices. Israel’s story is not just about history. It’s about identity. This year-long conversation will give us a window into Israel’s soul and invite us to imagine what the next chapters of this miraculous tale can be.

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