Adult Education

The Sherr Department of Adult Learning at Park Avenue Synagogue invites you to experience Judaism in a new way. Over the course of the year, you can take a multi-session course or single classes at all levels, or come to the annual Shabbaton or one of the Shabbat Dinner Series programs. Our clergy, teachers, and guest speakers are dedicated to helping you develop and strengthen your relationship to Judaism. Come learn with us!

Wandering and Wondering

For over 2,000 years, the Jewish people have traveled across the globe. As we settled in our many adopted homelands, we managed not only to survive the ups and downs of history, but to thrive and renew. How have we managed that? What has sustained us, and how do we related to those factors in a modern context, as American Jews living in today’s complex world? How did landlessness shape our outlook and identities as we were “strangers in a strange land?”

These questions will frame our learning at PAS this year, a theme which we are calling "Wandering and Wondering".

We conceived of this theme to mirror our year of transition, when we are displaced from our permanent home on 87th Street. Now, current events, including the rise of anti-Semitism in America, have given new relevance to the question, What does it mean to live as a Jew in the 21st century? We may not be physically wandering, but many of us are certainly wondering how to make sense of the present, and what the future holds for us as American Jews.

This year, we hope to begin an ongoing conversation about not just our communal, but our own personal wanderings and wonderings. We will kick it off with our 5779 Leiman Maisel Family Shabbaton and continue our learning with events such as the Shabbat Dinner Speaker Series with Dr. Steven Nadler, who will discuss the Portuguese-Jewish community of 17th century Amsterdam, as well as a Midtown Lunch and Learn Series with Rabbi Savenor: The Long Road Home. Keep an eye on this page for more programs throughout the spring! We hope that our upcoming programming will inspire you to continue your wonderings with us, as we embark upon this year of exploration together.

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