Selections from Israel at 70: Telling Israel’s Story

“To be a free people in our own land” – The Jewish people prayed and worked towards the goal of our own national homeland for nearly 2,000 years. Seventy years ago, our dream was actualized with the creation of the modern State of Israel. Along with statehood came the reality of politics, war, and challenges, yet Israel has endured and has transcended challenges and has become a prosperous, innovative nation.

In 2018, PAS focused on on telling Israel’s story: how it came to be, the blessings and challenges of forming a diverse society, and the ongoing quest for peace and struggle to preserve Israel as a democratic, pluralistic state. As American Jews, this is not just the story of a Jewish national state: it’s our story to tell as well in our own voices. Israel’s story is not just about history. It’s about identity. This story gives us a window into Israel’s soul and invite us to imagine what the next chapters of this miraculous tale can be.


PAS 5779 Recordings

Ronen Bergman: Beyond the Front Page: Tales from Inside the Mossad

Shalom Orzach: At 70, Can I Now Be Taken Seriously?

Francine Klagsbrun and Rabbi Niel Zuckerman: Window on Israel/Golda Meir

Dr. Arnold Eisen and Rabbi Dr. Bradley Shavit Artson: Conservative/Masorti Judaism & Covenantal Love

Rabbi Dr. Daniel Gordis: Curious George Goes to the Army: Reflections of a Soldier's Father

Rabbi Dr. Daniel Gordis and Rabbi Zuckerman : Window on Israel

Rabbi Dr. Daniel Gordis: And You Thought You Knew Israel? What to Look for and What to See When You Visit

Rabbi Dr. Daniel Gordis: From Dreams of a State to the Reality of Statehood

Tal Keinan, Bret Stephens, and Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove: A New Vision for Jews in the 21st Century: Amid Bleak Predictions on the Jewish Future, A Brave Innovative Plan

Gil Troy and Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove: Zionism Today