Reading Jewish Lives

Exploring the Jewish Experience Together

Jewish Lives is a prize-winning biography series dedicated to illuminating the range and depth of the Jewish experience from antiquity to the present. We will continue this year to read biographies as a community, engage in small group discussions, and enjoy live presentations by the authors. The Jewish Lives Series is published by Yale University Press and the Leon D. Black Foundation.

Barbra Streisand: Redefining Beauty, Femininity, and Power

by Neal Gabler

An enthralling appreciation of the monumentally gifted popular artist and cultural icon who challenged Hollywood’s standards of beauty and glamour.

Author Event

Neal Gabler
Thu | Nov 15 | 7:00 pm
Neal Gabler is a journalist, historian, and author of several books on celebrity and the entertainment industry. 

Information on how to receive a copy of the book and to join a discussion group will be added soon. Please check back!

2017-2018 Books

Einstein: His Space and Times  
by Steven Gimbel

A revealing portrait of Albert Einstein, the world's first scientific "superstar."
View the Reading Guide for Einstein: His Space and Times. To listen to the audio of this author event, please click here.


Steven Spielberg: A Life in Films
by Molly Haskell

A film-centric portrait of the extraordinarily gifted movie director whose decades-long influence on American popular culture is unprecedented.

View the Reading Guide for Steven Spielberg: A Life in Films.  To listen to the audio of this author event, please click here

Yitzhak Rabin: Soldier, Leader, Statesman

by Itamar Rabinovich

An insider's perspective on the life and influence of Israel's first native-born prime minister, his bold peace initiatives and his tragic assassination.

View the Reading Guide for Yitzak Rabin: Soldier, Leader, Statesman.  To listen to the audio of this author event, please click here.

Rabbi Akiva: Sage of the Talmud 

by Barry W. Holtz

A compelling and lucid account of the life and teachings of a founder of rabbinic Judaism and one of the most beloved heroes of Jewish history.

View the Reading Guide for Rabbi Akiva: Sage of the Talmud.   To listen to the audio of this author event, please click here.

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