History of Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust Class Resources

Below please find materials for the the History of Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust class with Dr. David Kaufman, Fall 2019.

Recommended Books for Purchase:

  1. David Berger, ed., History and Hate: The Dimensions of Anti-Semitism (JPS, 1997)
  2. Peter Hayes, Why? Explaining the Holocaust (NY: Norton, 2017)

**Some optional readings on the syllabus are from these books, available for purchase on Amazon and other retailers.**


Class One | Intro: Antisemitism and the Holocaust – their relationship past & present| Oct 17 
1.) David Berger, “Anti-Semitism: An Overview,” 3-14 in Berger, History and Hate  

2.) Ron Rosenbaum, Introduction to Those Who Forget the Past: The Question of Anti-Semitism

Class Two | Origins of ‘Jew-hatred’ in the Ancient World | Oct 24 
1.) Louis Feldman, “Anti-Semitism in the Ancient World,” 15-37 in Berger
2.) Nicholas de Lange, “The Origins of Anti-Semitism: Ancient Evidence and Modern Interpretations,” 21-36 in Anti-Semitism in Times of Crisis, eds. Gilman/Katz
In Class
1.) Texts and Traditions: A Source Reader for the Study of Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism, ed. Lawrence Schiffman
2.) “From the New Testament,” 73-79 in Heritage: Civilization and the Jews – Source Reader, ed. William Hallo, et al

Class Three | Anti-Jewish Myths and Persecution in the Middle Ages | Oct 31
1.) Robert Chazan, “Medieval Anti-Semitism,” 49-64 in Berger
2.) Moshe Lazar, “The Lamb and the Scapegoat: The Dehumanization of the Jews in Medieval Propaganda Imagery,” 38-72 in Gilman/Katz
In Class Reading:
1.)“The Accusation of the Ritual Murder of St. William of Norwich (1144),” 121-135 in The Jew in the Medieval World, ed. Jacob Rader Marcus

Class Four |The Emergence of Modern Antisemitism | Nov 7
1.) Todd Endelman, “Comparative Perspectives on Anti-Semitism in the West,” 95-112 in Berger
2.) Peter Hayes, “Targets: Why the Jews?,” Ch. 1 in Why? –Explaining the Holocaust
In Class Reading:
1.) “Political and Racial Antisemitism,” 277-280;
2.) “Debate on the Eligibility of Jews for Citizenship (Dec 1789),” 123-125
3.) “The Jewish Problem,” 297-308, 339-342 in The Jew in the Modern World: A Documentary History, eds. Paul Mendes-Flohr & Jehuda Reinharz

Class Five | The Rise of Nazism and the First Phrase of the Holocaust | Nov 14 
1.) Hayes, “Attackers: Why the Germans?,” ch. 2 in Why?
2.) Michael Marrus, “The Holocaust in Perspective,” ch. 2 in The Holocaust in History
In Class Reading:
1.) Adolf Hitler, “A Letter on the Jewish Question (Sept. 16, 1919)” and excerpts from Mein Kampf (1923), 716-719
2.) “First Racial Definition (April 11, 1933)” and subsequent anti-Jewish legislation, 722-726, 729-733
3.) documents on Kristallnacht, 734-739 in The Jew in the Modern World

Class Six | Perpetrators: the Nazis’ ‘Final Solution’ to the ‘Jewish Problem’ | Nov 21
1.) Hayes, “Annihilation: Why This Swift and Sweeping?,” ch. 4 in Why?
2.) Marrus, “The Final Solution,” ch. 3 in The Holocaust in History
In Class Reading:
1.) Adolf Hitler, “A Prophecy of Jewry’s Annihilation (Jan. 30, 1939),” 742-743;
2. ) Hans Frank, “We Must Finish With The Jews (Dec. 16, 1941),” 750-751
3.) “Protocols of the Wannsee Conference (Jan. 20, 1942),” 751-753
4.) Heinrich Himmler, “A Secret Speech on the Jewish Question (Oct. 8, 1943),” 777-778
5.) Rudolf Hoess, “Commandant of Auschwitz (c. 1945),” 779-782 in The Jew in the Modern World

Class Seven | Victims: the Jewish Response to Nazism in the midst of ‘Shoah’ | Dec 7 
1.) Hayes, “Victims: Why Didn’t More Jews Fight Back More Often?,” ch. 5 in Why?
2.) Marrus, “The Victims” chaps. 6
3.) Marrus,  “Jewish Resistance,” chaps. 7
In Class Reading:
1.) Warsaw Ghetto diaries, 755-761
2.) Jewish Fighting Organization, “Call to Resistance (Jan. 1943),” 762-767
3.) Franzi Epstein, “Inside Auschwitz—A Memoir (c. 1970),” 784-787 in The Jew in the Modern World

Class Eight | Bystanders: The Role of European Witnesses and American Observers | Dec 12 
1.) Hayes, “Onlookers: Why Such Limited Help from Outside?,” ch. 7 in Why?
2.) Marrus, “Bystanders,” ch. 8 in The Holocaust in History
In Class Reading: 
1.) Bermuda Conference Joint Communique (May 1, 1943), 775
2.) Shmuel Zygelboym, “Where is the World’s Conscience?” (1943), in The Jew in the Modern World

Class Nine | Aftermath: Holocaust Memory and Holocaust Denial After the War | Dec 19 
Pre-Reading (Optional):
1.) Hayes, “Aftermath: What Legacies, What Lessons?,” ch. 8 in Why?
In Class Reading:
1.) Gideon Hausner, “Six Million Accusers (1961),” 788-790
2.) Hannah Arendt, “Jewish Cultural Reconstruction, Inc. (1950),” 790-793 in The Jew in the Modern World

Class Ten | Conclusion: Antisemitism Today: Is America Different? | Jan 9 
1.) Jonathan Sarna, “American Anti-Semitism,” 115-126 in Berger