Spring Classes 2019/5779

Spring 2019


Coming and Becoming: The Evolution of Identities in Israel
Dr. Rachel Korazim
Exploring the complexities of modern Israeli society through prose, poetry, and song, the 5-part series continues with three online sessions and concludes with an in-person session. You may access the online sessions from anywhere or join others to participate at PAS.

Mizrachi Voices | Sun | Mar 3 | 10:00 am
Women's Voices | Sun | Mar 31 | 10:00 am
Dialogues with God | Wed | Apr 3 | 12:00 pm
Imperatives | Mon | May 13 | 7:00 pm

Cost: $70/members; $90/general
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Parashah & Pizza
Mon | Mar 4 | 7:00 pm, pizza; 7:15 - 8:15 pm, study Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center

Enjoy a slice of pizza and then learn about the Torah portion. This learning is co-sponsored by the Women's Network.

Cost: Free
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Essential Essays

Tue | Weekly through May 28 | approx. 8:00 am, immediately after morning minyan | Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center
Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove

Join in a discussion of Jewish philosophy, theology and thought. The essay is distributed via a weekly email; if you wish to be added to the distribution list, please contact gfier@pasyn.org or 212-369-2600, x120.
No registration necessary.

Contemporary Jewish Thought

Tue | Weekly through May 28 | 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Rabbi Neil Zuckerman |
 Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center
Each week, explore a reading about contemporary Jewish experience and thought.  
No registration necessary.

Pathways to Judaism: A Program of Introduction to Judaism

Tue |  Rolling | 6:30 pm | Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center
Rabbi Neil Zuckerman and Shayna Golkow, Rabbinical Intern
Students will be introduced to Jewish thought, history, and practice; engaging the mind, heart, and soul. This enriching curriculum is for anyone who seeks deeper knowledge of Jewish life and wisdom, whether you are Jewish, are sharing your life with a Jew and/or raising Jewish children, or are considering conversion to Judaism?

If you are interested in signing up for this class, please email Rabbi Zuckerman at nzuckerman@pasyn.org or call 212.369.4900, x121.

A Very Short Guide to Zionism and Israel | A Tzion Curriculum

Tue | Jan 15, Feb 5, Mar 5, Apr 2 | 7:15 pm | Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center
Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove
Zionism is the nationalist movement calling for the establishment and support of an independent state for the Jewish people in its ancient homeland. Connecting the history and ideas of Zionism with contemporary Jewish life, this short course will enable participants to see our own Jewish experience as following naturally from important past conversations about the proper frame and content of Jewish life. These four sessions will raise key questions about being Jewish in a non-Jewish world, about Israel and diaspora, and about the ongoing relationship between Jewish religion and peoplehood.

Cost: $54/members; $72/general
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What Matters | The Unknown We Fear - Exploring Mortality in Art and Culture

Tue | Feb 12, Apr 30, May 21 | 7:15 pm | Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center
From poetry to pop music, we are surrounded by artistic depictions of the human experience, including themes of death and dying. How do these cultural touchstones shape our perceptions of death, and how do they intersect with the teaching of our Jewish tradition? This series will encourage us to explore our own perceptions of this essential part of life.

Cost: TBA
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Daf Shevui: Women's Weekly Talmud Study

Wed | Weekly, begins Oct 3 | 8:30-9:00 am | Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center
Rabbi Witkovsky
You may have heard of Daf Yomi, the worldwide study of a page of Talmud a day. As wonderful as this popular endeavor is, the pace is extremely fast, perhaps a bit difficult for even advanced Talmud students to keep up with. We've decided to slow down the pace, covering one page of Talmud per week. Join us! Talmud is always best learned in a group. NO prior knowledge necessary, just a willingness to learn.
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Midtown Lunch and Learn: The Long Road Home

Wed | Mar 6, 13, 20 | 12:30-1:30 pm | Offsite
Rabbi Savenor
Over 2,000 years the Jewish people’s route back to our homeland took many twists and turns, some of them tragic. We will explore three historical moments when our ancestors wondered in the midst of their wandering whether they had discovered a new Promised Land.

Cost: Free/members; $36/general
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A Rachel Wasserman Scholars Curriculum 

Melton Graduate: The Star and the Crescent - The Long Relationship of Judaism and Islam

Wed | beginning Feb 13 | 6:45 - 8:00 pm | Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center
Rabbi Shmuel Afek

Jews and Muslims have co-existed, both peacefully and contentiously, for more than a millennium. What do they have in common? What are the sources of tension and conflict? During the first thousand years after the founding of Islam, it was better to be Jewish in a Muslim country than in a Christian country. Only after that period did the relationship between Jews and Muslims deteriorate, particularly in the Middle East. Outside the Middle East, though, Jews and Muslims continue to find ways to coexist peacefully and often productively. This course will examine the longstanding relationship between Judaism and Islam, broadening our understanding and challenging our assumptions.
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Graduate Course: From Mill Street to Park Avenue - The History of the Synagogues of NYC

Wed | beginning Feb 13 | 7:00 – 8:15 pm | Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center
Dr. David Kaufman

In commemoration of the 135th anniversary of Park Avenue Synagogue, this course will trace the history of the synagogues of New York, thus honoring Park Avenue’s place in our communal history. The synagogues of New York will be seen in the multiple contexts of: the greater development of the synagogue throughout Jewish history, the early modern and modern European synagogue, the American synagogue beyond NYC, as well as in the context of ‘Jewish architecture’ beyond the synagogue. With the use of slide images, we will trace the history of the New York synagogue through several stages, culminating with our own landmark synagogue on 87th St.
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A Rachel Wasserman Scholars Curriculum

Melton Graduate: BeMidbar - Leadership Defied and Defended

Thu | beginning Feb 14 | 9:15-10:30 am | Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center
Rabbi Savenor

Israel's fateful journey through the wilderness of Sinai presented numerous challenges to the leadership of Moses and Aaron; at times the nation challenged their competence as leaders, and at times individuals arose to challenge their very right to lead. As students explore the biblical narratives describing forty years of wandering in the wilderness, they will be surprised to note the timeless nature of those stories. How can the lessons learned from the past be applied to solving the communal challenges of the present and the future?
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A Shalom Hartman Lecture and Study Series

Graduate Course: Dilemmas of Faith

Thu | beginning Feb 14 | 9:15-10:30 am | Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center
Rabbi Neil Zuckerman
In an age of radical polarization in modern society, with a rise in religious fundamentalism on the one hand and a rise of atheism on the other, how does the Jewish tradition approach dilemmas of faith? Together with some of the scholars from the Hartman Institute (via short video clips) we will engage in broad and deep analysis of some of the many dilemmas that faith in the modern world raises, both in classical Jewish tradition and in contemporary Jewish thought and life. We will address the big questions raised by the intersection of faith and reason, faith and history, faith and politics, and the faith experience.
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Insights from Israel

Thu | Second Thursday of the month | 12:00–1:00 pm | Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center
Rabbi Michael Graetz (via Skype from Israel)

On second Thursday of the month, we explore the most pressing issues affecting Israel, meeting with Rabbi Graetz and his guests via video conferencing at PAS@89th. A co-founder of the Masorti (Conservative) movement in Israel, Rabbi Graetz is and was guest scholar and interim rabbi at PAS in 2008-09.
No registration necessary.

Shulhan Ivrit

Thu | Jan 24; Feb 28; Mar 28 | 7:00–8:00 pm | Eli M. Black Lifelong learning Center
Intermediate and advanced level Hebrew speakers are invited to spend an hour practicing conversational Hebrew. Come to one session or come to all to deepen your connection with Israel and the Jewish people by speaking Hebrew.
Please contact Rebecca Cushman, rcushman@pasyn.org, with questions.


Talmud Torah
Fri | Weekly | approx. 8:00 am, immediately after morning minyan | Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center
We will read through passages of the Talmud page by page to explore the world of the Rabbis, their methodology, and how they shape us today.
No registration necessary.


Shaharit and Parashah Study

Sat | Weekly | 9:00 am | Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center
Join in a full and traditional P’sukei D’zimrah and Shaharit and an engaging study of the morning’s Torah portion.
No registration necessary.