Melton: From Mill St to Park Ave

From Mill Street to Park Avenue: The History of the Synagogues of New York City

Thursdays | beginning October 18 | 9:15-10:45 am | Eli M. Black Lifelong Learning Center | 10 sessions
Dr. David Kaufman

In commemoration of the 135th anniversary of Park Avenue Synagogue, this course will trace the history of the synagogues of New York, thus honoring Park Avenue’s place in our communal history. The synagogues of New York will be seen in the multiple contexts of: the greater development of the synagogue throughout Jewish history, the early modern and modern European synagogue, the American synagogue beyond NYC, as well as in the context of ‘Jewish architecture’ beyond the synagogue. With the use of slide images, we will trace the history of the New York synagogue through several stages, culminating with our own landmark synagogue on 87th St.
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